Venerable Sixth Patriarch Nirvana 1307th Anniversary Celebration and Praise

September 24, 2020

Starting here to Caoxi is a long journey,
Compared to Mt. Sumeru, even farther away,
Walking stick touches Heavenly Emperor’s nose,
Overturned and fall into the life of mundane.

This morning is the sixth Patriarch Nirvana anniversary,
Should be celebration and praise?  Should be grief and sorrow?

Ashamed mountain monk, the monastery courtyard is desolate. Right now serve on a platter as offering. Please hopefully the Patriarch does not dislike these meager offerings! Accept them with compassion. I will take this chance to tell all my pain and bitterness, spill it all to my patriarch. In order not to become rainy night pond and autumn water depth.

Ah Sixth Patriarch! Ah Sixth Patriarch!

Please open your eyes to see the look of your offsprings.  How can it be like this outcome: Chan lineage is withering, how can it be? At this present time, weeping is superfluous. Rather retract arms and legs, and return to Caoxi, to prevent slander by others.

Today, we are so grateful to Sixth Patriarch. How to say a word to express our gratitude?

Whisk waves away three kalpas of confusion,
Show the golden body of Hui-Neng,
Unworthy offsprings bow together,
Patriarch seal united with honors, one life again.

Dharma Son, Miao Tsan
respectfully bath, prostrate, and praise