Buddhist Calendar 3049, 2022 AD BuddhaBuddha’s Birthday Celebration and Praise

May 13, 2022

Tusita’s imperial palace descends the divine spirit, Seven steps in four directions self-proclaimed the Honored One, Heavenly beings scatter flowers falling layer upon layer, Nine dragons pour water to bathe the golden body.

Today the Buddha descends to be born, the earth shakes, the whole world rejoices and celebrates, and it is crystal clear before eyes. Just want everyone directly to take it as it is, no need to spend time looking and seeking east and west. If one can do this, on top of the walking stick is a lotus flower in every step. Why worry Shakyamuni Buddha does not live in the world for a long time? Do you all know? If you are still lost and unaware, just see that the cause and condition end and he enters Nirvana! No matter how articulate you are and how wonderful offerings you offer, you cannot keep him either. Pity all of you possess the intrinsic nature but are obscured due to delusions and attachments. Today mountain monk spares nothing to show all of you the monastery where the Honored One descends to be born. Listen! Listen! Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha! Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha! Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha! Ah! From ancient time to present it is obvious the Mind has no coming and going. How can there be true and false? Vertically it contains and extends through three periods of time, and horizontally it covers all over the ten directions. There is no place for you to hold and catch it. Nonetheless, if you cut open the origin, you will know the standing place is where the Buddha is born, the world will naturally be at peace, and people in boundless lands will live and work in peace and contentment. In Buddhism, the mundane cannot be established without the true; the true cannot be manifested without the mundane. At this quiescent present moment, the Buddha’s birthday is celebrated and praised, how to say the last phrase? Formless Dharmakaya pervades ten directions without boundaries, Bright Sambhogakaya’s awareness is all over with endless light, Void Nirmanakaya has billions of manifestations, No three minds and four forms, there will be Buddhas and patriarchs born.