No-thought is the End of Birth and Death – 4

The Fourth Patriarch Dao Xin said: “there are no good or bad external situations, good or bad come from the mind. If the mind does not impose any label, how can fabricated affliction arise? When fabricated afflictions do not arise, the true mind is free and all-aware.” The world of phenomena has no good or […]

No-thought is the End of Birth and Death – 3

Thought is the cause of karmic creation; it is the seed. If you follow one thought after another, that means you are building new karma by grasping presently manifested karma, planting seeds for reincarnation in the Six Realms. Once you attain the state of no-thought and emptiness-awareness is present, then each thought is instantly dissolved […]

No-thought is the End of Birth and Death – 2

Cultivation takes real work, patience, and long-term commitment. It is not just about listening to dharma talk and picking up various knowledge; it must be put into actual practice. Regarding the method – “turning back the light of awareness and illuminating inwardly to reflect on the self-nature”- if you cannot achieve the state of no-thought […]

No-thought is the End of Birth and Death – 1

The purpose of Chan inquiry is to first eradicate attachment in order to achieve enlightenment, which is the illumination of the mind and the witnessing of its true nature, and then follow that with the practice of protecting and nurturing the enlightened state until its attainment as reality. By attainment, we do not mean how […]

The Fifth Patriarch Master Hong-Ren’s “Ultimate Highest Vehicle Discourse”

When approaching the Saint’s Way and trying to realize the true principle of Chan, the most essential teaching of the cultivation of the Mind, if one doesn’t protect the pureness (of the mind), no practice can lead to attainment of realization. May all virtuous and wise practitioners who write about this be attentive and mindful […]

Mount Ching Tian Yin Yuan Shiou Chan Master Dharma Talk

Since become ordained monk, one must do great deeds. Set your aspiration high and strength of vows must be deep. Courage must be great, mind must act with subtlety.  If the mind acts with subtlety, thought after thought enters a fine state. Perceive the state prior to thought, one is no longer seized by phenomena […]

Buddhist Calendar 3049, 2022 AD BuddhaBuddha’s Birthday Celebration and Praise

Tusita’s imperial palace descends the divine spirit, Seven steps in four directions self-proclaimed the Honored One, Heavenly beings scatter flowers falling layer upon layer, Nine dragons pour water to bathe the golden body. Today the Buddha descends to be born, the earth shakes, the whole world rejoices and celebrates, and it is crystal clear before […]

The Worm in the Lion’s Body

Practitioners today are filled with materials and have an extensive Buddhist knowledge. However, one should truthfully ask whether your practice matches exactly with the material or the teachings of the Patriarchs? Are you spending time truly practicing according to the teaching? Does the environment of your practice center support and provide the necessary karmic conditions? […]

Practice The Way Soon Without Delay

 It was often said, “The Buddha Dharma that is rare to hear, now has been heard; the human body that is difficult to obtain, now has been obtained.” Having thus heard and obtained, what should one do? Practice soon without delay. Practitioners of our rank cannot afford to waste time, passing each days in futile […]