The Song of the Wind

May 24, 2014

Once a Zen master was invited to bless a grandfather’s birthday celebration. The Master wrote, “Grandfather dies, father dies; son dies, grandson dies.”

The grandfather was very upset by this ominous verse, so the Master went on to explain, “What is written here is indeed a blessing. Isn’t it a natural and perfect outcome for the grandfather to die first,then the father, then the son and lastly the grandson? If this order is reversed wouldn’t that bring a great deal of pain?”
To elevate life, one must follow the principle of life to create a good life.

The wise know the truth and live according to its principles.
The Mind is for you to use, it allows you to misuse it too; the Mind can produce flexibility but also rigidity.
The Mind can generate any thought but why not the thought you want?
Because your mind has been conditioned and become rigid. Can you change the mind? Of course.
Since you have the ability to make you into who you are today, you surely have the ability to recreate yourself in other ways.