Master Miao Tsan

All situations and problems
encountered in life are
caused by the doors that were
created n the mind.​

Venerable Master Miao Tsan is the author of Just Use This Mind, The Origin Is Pure, Intrinsic Awakened Nature, and Directly Actualize Buddhahood, all originally published in traditional Chinese.

The founder and abbot of Vairocana Zen Monastery in Garden Grove, California, he possesses profound insight into the essence of Zen and has dedicated himself to its propagation and practice. He conducts meditation courses, Zen-Seven and Zen-Three retreats and teaches at universities, medical centers and television/radio stations in China, Taiwan, Mexico and the United States.

His goal is to open a universal path of wisdom and light by leading people from every tradition toward an understanding of the Truth that transcends time, race and religion and is without exception.