December 19, 2016

Student:  Master, you said that our mind manifests the whole world.  I understand the idea. But, I recognize that I manifest the world that I feel uncomfortable and I get influenced by negative people.  Does it mean that I have to get used to negative manifestations?

Master: No matter if the phenomena or reality is good or bad, they are all manifested by your mind.  When we encounter any negative situation in life, we should check ourselves to see if this is the direction we want.  If not, change our direction.

When we are encountering troubles in life, it means that we misuse the ability of our mind.  We should correct this and we should do introspection.  Ask ourselves how, why, when, and where I manifest the karma or situation and correct mistakes from the bottom of our mind.  Correct your mistakes; correct your own concepts; correct your own idea and correct the direction which you are manifesting.

No matter what we are doing or thinking right now, the only thing we should do is to manifest the reality based on the purity of our mind. This means that we do everything to match the purity of our mind and to match the function or ability of our mind.  If our thoughts or concepts against the purity, it means that we misuse the ability or function of our mind.

When you attach to your thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, or affections, it means that you are creating ego.  And that you are creating illusions and sufferings. You are completely against the truth and you are against the true quality of the mind.

So when we encounter obstacle in life, at that right moment, we should check ourselves to see if my thoughts, concepts, or actions are right; and how and why do we cause the problems.