Practice With A Goal

October 2, 2017

In practice we have to strengthen our ability to cultivate our own thoughts. So just like I said, if you want to solve the problems of a human being, you have to let go of habits and our karma. So disease does not come from medicine. The disease comes from the mind. Everything you encounter comes from the mind. We just have to understand our mind manifest thoughts, manifests phenomena. And once you realize this we can work from the source. And we can control what type of thought we are going to generate. Then we have control of what type of phenomena we are going to manifest.

So in practice you need to have a goal. If you don’t establish a goal or a purpose, all kinds of practice is in vain.

First we need to get rid of stronger habits. If you don’t get rid of these, there is no way you can realize your subtle habits. Different thoughts match to different energy. All these energies will manifest from our mind, created from ourselves, we have to take full responsibility.